A luxury LA based vegan pet grooming service with a cafe-like waiting room for customers. The goal is to make vegan products exciting and lively, as well as the experience of taking a pet to be groomed more enjoyable.


Branding, Packaging, UX/UI, Motion Graphics, Photography


Clare Connell, Kimi Mate 


PurePaws carries a range of different shampoos, conditioners, scent sprays, and treats, as well as specialty ear drops and eye drops. Customers have the opportunity to choose the line of shampoo, conditioner, and scent spray they want the groomers to use on their pet. Treats, shampoos, conditioners, and scent sprays are available for purchase at the front desk after the grooming service. 


PurePaws primarily uses Instagram to promote their products to their current and potential customers

The Space

The space is designed to be bright and Instagram worthy. Patterns from the branding can be seen on the wall mural as well as the digital menu board that lists the servies PurePaws provides. 

Let’s Chat 

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