The Monarch’s Journey

A multifaceted experience that excited State College, PA about the new pollinator garden at the Penn State Arboretum.

In collaboration with Clare Connell
Branding, UX/UI, Publishing, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Copywriting, Environmental Design, Art Direction

Graphis New Talent 2023 Silver Award


The Penn State Arboretum staff was looking to create an experience that excites State College about their new pollinator garden. “The Monarch’s Journey,” a children’s book created specifically for the Penn State Arboretum, was written and illustrated to be the center of the experience. 

The User Journey 

Parents, guardians, and teachers will see the social media posts on their phone when they wake up and check their phones. They see posters in the town of state college, and decide to go to the Arboretum for the experience. Once they are there, they walk through a tunnel and get to walk through the garden. As they leave, they are provided a copy of “The Monarch’s Journey” to read at home or in the classroom. 

Social Media 

Three Instagram posts introduce the world to the characters of “The Monarch’s Journey.” When users click on ``learn more”, they are brought to a link where they can read about what the experience is and purchase the book.