An iOS fitness application aimed to help people of all fitness levels to plan and discover workouts to achieve their wellness goals.  


UX/UI Design, UX Research, Branding

Why FloFit? 

Countless people often feel overwhelmed when it comes to fitting everything they want to get done into the day. People also may not know the best workouts for their goals. FloFit grants users to opportunity to make their fitness goals a priority by syncing their workout schedules to external calendars and planners.

Research & Development 

At the beginning of this project, I sent out a survey to 24 students to gain some insight on their day to day lives. 

62.5% of students report that they are consistently active throughout the week. 29.2% said they are sometimes. 

Interestingly enough, roguhly 40% have a hard time getting active, and almost 90% either sometimes or constantly have a difficult time finding the time for their workouts. 

This information to plan out the architecture of the app and key features to include. One of the biggest priorities I had was to have a scheduling feature built in that can be synched to external calendars to make structuring their day around their workout a user’s priority. 

User Testing 

After developing and prototyping the lo-fis, three users were asked to complete tasks and express what they liked and disliked about their experience. 

Tasks included completing the onboarding process, adding a workout to their library, adding a customer user workout to their library, scheduling a repeating workout, and editing an existing scheduled workout. 

Navigation and organization was a difficult thing for two users to understand. Both of them reported that having a walk through at the beginning of the app would have helped, however once they walked through the tasks they better understood how it was organized. 

Taking their thoughts and suggestions into consideration, I altered aspects of the design to make improvements. 

The Outcome

FloFit utilizes approachable language to encourage users to stay on track and keep returning to the app. Features include being provided with workouts that match with fitness goals, scheduling workouts and programs, planning workouts and programs, and exporting schedules.

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