A multifaceted experience that is targeting toddlers and preschoolers to excite them about the new pollinator garden at the Penn State Arboretum. The children’s book, “The Monarch’s Journey,” reflects the life cycle of a butterfly and is made specifically for the experience at the arboretum. Elements from the children's book are represented in social media posts, e-commerce, posters, and an immersive tunnel that is located at one of the entrances to the pollinator garden.


Branding, UX/UI, Publishing, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Copywriting, Environmental Design


Clare Connell 


This project was selected to be featured and is showcased in the Glass House at the Penn State Arboretum, located in the Children’s Garden.

Social Media 

There are three social media posts for @pennstatearboretum to post on Instagram. Each post has an animation of characters or elements from the Children’s book. When users click on ``learn more”, they are brought to a link where they can read about what “The Monarch’s Journey” experience is and purchase the book.


 Three posters were created to be posted throughout the Arboretum. Each poster showcases the illustrations from the Children’s Book and has a QR code that directs the user to an e-commerce section on Penn State Arboretum’s website.

The “Bring the Journey Home” poster is designed to be placed at the exit of the immersive tunnel. Visitors can scan the QR code after being introduced to the story and have the opportunity to purchase the book.

Immersive Tunnel

The immersive tunnel is designed to be at one of the entrances to the pollinator garden. As the story progresses, the tunnel lights up and helps guide viewers through the tunnel. At the end of the animation, viewers will be at the end of the tunnel where they exit into the garden and are excited to explore.


The e-commerce page has the same structure as Instagram Shopping, the only difference is there are more elements of The Monarch’s Journey brand represented.

Children’s Book 

The purpose of the book is to bring the experience of the arboretum home so it doesn’t live strictly in one space. It can be transported and brought anywhere. Children can create connections with the characters in the book and enjoy learning about the lifecycle of butterflies.

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